October 20, 2017

Understanding RBD Coconut Oil and Its Applications

RBD coconut oil is a type of coconut oil that is ‘refined, bleached, and deodorized.’ This is one of the most common types of coconut oil with various applications from cooking, beauty uses, and more.

How RBD Coconut Oil Is Produced

It’s produced vastly different compared to other types of coconut oil. It comes directly from copra - a dried coconut kernel. As a result of its largely unrefined state when extracted from the copra, it contains many dust particles, dirt, insect remains, microbes, fungi, and other bacteria. Naturally, these must be removed if it’s to be fit for human consumption.

In order to remove all impurities, the oil is first removed from the copra and then undergoes a process of refining, bleaching, and deodorizing.

This process involves filtering and bleaching the oil, which is then heated to a high temperature. The high heat temperature deodorizes the oil and kills germs and any other bacteria. Finally, mono fats and any remaining free fats are removed by adding sodium hydroxide (Na (OH) 2).

The end product is a coconut oil highly processed and refined in comparison to the more natural virgin coconut oils.

What Is Distinct About RBD Coconut Oil Compared With Virgin Coconut Oils?

Key distinctions for recognizing refined coconut oils are that they tend to be odorless and contain no coconut taste. Compare this to natural virgin coconut oils, which keep a mild coconut smell and taste making them easy to distinguish. Apart from these more overt distinctions in the two oils, refined coconut oils are produced vastly different compared to virgin coconut oils.

Coconut oils are processed and refined using heating and chemicals, whereas virgin coconut oils are not exposed to such processes. The source is also different. RBD coconut oils are sourced from a copra, whereas virgin coconut oils are sourced from the meat of mature coconuts.

Applications For RBD Coconut Oil

It’s great for extensive frying because of its high smoking point (450 degrees Fahrenheit) and the fact it does not contain a coconut aroma or taste so the coconut won’t interfere with the flavoring of other foods.

The high levels of lauric and caprylic acid also make it a great choice for cooking since these fats are known to fight inflammation caused by unstable polyunsaturated fatty acids, making them a healthier oil to prepare food with.

It has many health and beauty applications. It can be used for improving bad acne, moisturizing facial and body skin, face washing, treating skin conditions, as a shampoo, and even to increase oral health. Few other oils can boast such a diverse range of applications.

Furthermore, coconut oil is ideal for stockpiling and storing for long periods of time, making it great for the hospitality and catering industry, and the beauty industry where stockpiling may be needed.

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