May 1, 2017

The Search For a Hydrazine Hydrate Supplier

Hydrazine hydrate is an inorganic compound and a monohydrate that’s formed when water is introduced to hydrazine. This clear, colorless liquid gives off a slight odor similar to ammonia.

Although hydrazine alone is a highly unstable compound, a hydrazine hydrate solution provides a more stable chemical to be used in manufacturing processes. A potent reducing agent, hydrazine hydrate reacts readily with oxidants, including those in the atmosphere.

Hydrazine hydrate’s reaction with oxidants gives it practical applications across a range of industries. It is commonly used in the deoxygenation of boiler water, and to reduce metal oxides into their pure forms. Frequently utilized as a chemical precursor, hydrazine hydrate is used to manufacture blowing agents and in the preparation of pharmaceutical and agricultural chemicals. More niche applications of this compound include use as a propellant in rocket fuel, and in color photographic processes.

Hydrazine hydrate is used as a stable alternative to anhydrous hydrazine, but remains a toxic and corrosive compound that must be handled with care.

In addition to keeping hydrazine hydrate from coming into contact with acids and oxidizing materials, ingestion or inhalation can lead to irritation, burns, and potentially fatal organ damage.

Be sure to check that the supplier has experience with working with hydrazine hydrate prior to purchasing.

With Charkit’s expertise in working with hydrazine products means you can be confident in both the quality of our products and the care we take with hazardous substances. Our commitment to your convenience allows Charkit to offer hydrazine hydrate in reusable totes, along with various other packaging options. Contact Charkit today to find out more about making us your trusted supplier of Hydrazine Hydrate.

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