October 31, 2017

Consider Using Lanolin As An Ingredient

Lanolin is a type of wax secreted by wool-bearing animals like sheep that is used across many different industries and for various applications. Many manufacturers use lanolin as a key ingredient for manufacturing many of their products.

These manufacturers can greatly benefit from purchasing bulk lanolin wholesale, which will be explored in more detail in this article.

Benefits Of Buying Bulk Lanolin Wholesale

Buying bulk lanolin is the most effective way for manufacturers to ensure that they always have a large quantity of lanolin on hand for producing massive amounts of their product to market. In addition to this, manufacturers will also experience the following when buying bulk lanolin:

  • Has a good storage life of 1-2 years so large quantities can be stockpiled for future use
  • There are over a dozen different types of lanolin and derivatives available at wholesale
  • The lanolin from Charkit is of the highest quality and formulated for a variety of industries and markets

Specific Products That Can Be Made Using Lanolin And Its Derivatives

Lanolin has a diverse range of uses for various markets across personal care, medical and cosmetics, and even as a lubricant and rust-preventative for steel manufacturers.

Personal Care

Personal skincare and beauty products use many different lanolin oils and derivatives to manufacture skin lotions, body creams, baby lotions, hair conditioners, lip balms, and cleansers.

Lanolin is a popular ingredient in this market that consumers demand so manufacturers must have a large stockpile on hand for mass production to stay ahead of what their consumers demand.

Charkit has a number of different lanolin and derivatives that can be used for manufacturing a range of personal care products and can be supplied on wholesale.

Medical And Cosmetics

Medical grade lanolin has long be used as an effective treatment for skin conditions and as a soothing ointment for treating cracked lips, sore nipples, rash, itchy skin, minor cuts and burns, skin abrasions, and more. Charkit can supply large quantities of bulk lanolin to manufacturers of these products for mass production and even assist with producing new products for this market.

Rust Preventative And Lubricant

Manufacturers of stainless steel will find that lanolin can help prevent rust corrosion in environments where there is a lack of oxygen. This makes it an ideal ingredient for producing corrosion inhibitors that can be applied over boat propellers, boat hulls, and other applications where stainless steel is oxygen deprived and needs a rust preventative. Charkit has a range of options for manufacturers of such metal treatment products.

Charkit’s extensive range of highly-formulated lanolin and derivatives are suitable for manufacturers across a range of markets and applications. With bulk lanolin, we can supply you with a large stockpile of what you need to ensure you never run out of quality lanolin to manufacture your products. Contact Charkit at 203-299-3220 to find out more and place your order.

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