December 4, 2012

Mike Lyons Joins Charkit / Expanding Derivatives Line

Michael R. Lyons Named Charkit VP In Charge Of N.A. Hydrazine Hydrate Business And Expanding Hydrazine Derivatives Product Line

Norwalk, Connecticut, December 3, 2012 – Charles Hinnant, President, Charkit Chemical Corporation, announced that Michael R. Lyons has been appointed as Vice President with management responsibilities focused on the company’s hydrazine hydrate and hydrazine derivatives business in North America.

Mr. Hinnant explained that in addition to these responsibilities, Mr. Lyons will be developing and analyzing market data to monitor trends. He will also be involved in the implementation of business plans. Mr. Lyons will be reporting to Mr. Hinnant.

Mr. Lyons began his career at Ashland Chemical’s IC+S Division and moved on to Arkema Inc. spending the last 23 years in various positions. He advanced from Business Manager in the Industrial Chemicals Group, where he oversaw the hydrazine hydrate and derivatives markets, to a more recent position with the Oxygenes and Derivatives Division. A graduate of Western New England University, Mr. Lyons is a member of RACEMICS, the Northeast Chemical Club and the Chemical Club of New England.

In making the announcement, Mr. Hinnant said, “Michael is now a valuable member of our team, representing yet another advancement in our continuing and ongoing growth. In addition to his appointment, Charkit is expanding its hydrazine derivatives line with two more Arkema products.”

Mr. Hinnant cited 2,2 AZO-bis-isobutyronitrile (AZDN), and 1,2,4-Triazole as being added to the Charkit hydrazine derivative roster. AZDN is an azo initiator used to produce flocculants, grafted polyol foams, polymethyl methacrylate, and acrylic fibers and emulsions. 1,2,4-Triazole is primarily used in intermediate chemical synthesis with a focus on the agrochemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.

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