August 27, 2019

LBB Specialties Announces Strategic Partnership with Meggle on US Distribution of Excipient Products

labaronNorwalk, Connecticut, August 27, 2019 – LBB Specialties announced that effective August 1, 2019, LBB has entered into a strategic partnership with MEGGLE Excipients & Technology to distribute MEGGLE’s excipient products to companies in the American pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. LBB Specialties’ subsidiary companies, American International Chemical (AIC) and Charkit Chemical Company, will share responsibility for sales, marketing and distribution efforts for MEGGLE products in the US market.

According to Jay Lang, President of Charkit Chemical, “representing MEGGLE is a tremendous addition for Charkit and AIC. MEGGLE is one of only a handful of manufacturers of pharma-grade lactose excipients in the world, and they are well known for the excellent quality of their product portfolio, including value-added excipients for direct compression and inhalation applications.”

For more than seventy years, MEGGLE has been providing the pharmaceutical industry with a broad collection of lactose-based excipients for direct compression and granulation tableting, powder preparations and dry powder inhalation. The company invests heavily in R&D, with the goal of making processes faster, better and more efficient.

MEGGLE’s decision to partner with Charkit and AIC was driven by the desire to service customers in the US market as efficiently and effectively as possible. Ruth Leinenbach, Director, BG Excipients and Technology at MEGGLE, stated “The industry knowledge, customer focus and broad-based capabilities offered by Charkit and AIC make them excellent partners for MEGGLE. The combination of our technical knowledge and the professional sales expertise of our new partners is a powerful recipe for success.”

US-based companies interested in the MEGGLE product line for their applications are advised to contact their Charkit or AIC reps for additional information.

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