January 25, 2018

Charkit Chemical Company Named “Employer of the Year” For Supporting Developmentally Disabled

employee-of-the-monthNorwalk, Connecticut, January 25, 2018 – Charkit Chemical Company of Norwalk, CT has been named the 2017 STAR Employer of the Year. In announcing this recognition, Charlie Hinnant, President,

Charkit Chemical explained that STAR is a local organization that is committed to helping developmentally disabled people to lead more independent, fulfilling lives.

Mr. Hinnant said, “We are honored to accept this designation which recognizes our employment of Artie

St. Armand. Artie first joined us in 2013 and since then he has provided various office services. From shredding obsolete documents to ensuring that our printers are stocked with paper, Artie’s contribution to Charkit has been notable. It’s no small thing that recently, at my request, Artie has been conscientiously disinfecting our doorknobs, thereby helping to keep us all healthier, especially during this year’s rampant flu season.”

Mr. Hinnant continued, “I believe that this honor also reflects on Laura Raftery, who has been working with Artie since January of 2017. Laura has helped Artie expand his skill-set and has made every effort to cultivate our company’s relationship with STAR, evident in her dedication to serving as Artie’s coach.”

At the recent STAR Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony, Artie welcomed Laura and Carolyn Finn, Vice President of Human Resources, onto the stage to accept the award on Charkit’s behalf. Carolyn later commented, “STAR clearly has had a positive impact on many lives. In addition to Artie, all Charkit employees have benefitted and grown through our partnership with STAR. We’re honored to be named Employer of the Year and sincerely appreciate Charlie’s support of the program.”

For more information about Charkit Chemical Company, please contact Shawn McManus at 203.299.3227 or sales@charkit.com

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