April 28, 2010

Charkit Acquires the Assets of ISI

Charkit’s Acquisition of ISI Assets Expands Personal Care Offerings With Luxurious, High Performance Ingredients

Norwalk, Connecticut, April 28, 2010 – Charles Hinnant, President, Charkit Chemical Corporation, announces the acquisition of the assets of International Sourcing Inc., effective April 28, 2010. Mr. Hinnant stated, “Charkit’s entire organization is enthusiastic about this important acquisition. We are confident that ISI’s outstanding reputation as a leader in specialty cosmetic ingredients further expands our substantial personal care capabilities.”

Exotic marine ingredients, spa specialties, luxurious body and facial masks, and high quality cosmetic ingredients

Jay Lang, Charkit’s Vice President of Sales, emphasized ISI’s exceptional marine products. He said, “Charkit is now in position to provide our personal care customers with rare ingredients that come from some of the most exotic locations in the world. This acquisition expands our product line to a collection of exotic seaweeds, salts and muds as well as body and facial masks that include some of the most sought-after ingredients. Consumers that buy skin and beauty products really understand and appreciate the value of these luxurious ingredients, recognizing that they are highly beneficial in providing softer, younger looking skin. These ingredients are exactly what many sophisticated and knowledgeable consumers search for as they scrutinize the labels of body, bath and beauty products.”

Mr. Lang specifically cited Dead Sea Mud, Brine and Salt; European Spa Salt; Exfoliating Scrubs; Ground Seaweeds; Ormagel® SH & XPU (seaweed complexes); Quiditat® SR & SRC (marine AHA protectors); Seaweed extracts, flakes and complexes; and liquid and powder Sea Water as an important part of a comprehensive range of ingredients that come from ISI.

Jay Lang further explained that well beyond these highly desirable marine ingredients, Charkit’s acquisition of ISI brings a broad line of other important personal care ingredients. “A collection of more than 100 of the finest botanical ingredients, butters and natural waxes, natural and refined oils, organically certified oils, anti-inflammatory and healing agents, preservatives, skin lighteners, sunless tanners and accelerators are also part of this important acquisition. They are powerful additions to the many lines of exceptional personal care products that we can provide.”

Also cited were a notable array of face and body masks, scrubs and exfoliators, formulating bases, relaxer and permanent wave ingredients as well as a host of spa ingredients for massage and skin care treatments. “The knowledge and experience that Charkit’s personal care team can provide will prove to be a real advantage to customers when they turn to us for assistance during the formulation stage of new product development,” added Mr. Lang.

Mr. Hinnant concluded, “ISI’s ingredients round out our already substantial personal care resources, meeting the needs of manufacturers of mass products as well as prestigious high end offerings in this category. We’re reaching our goal to constantly do more when it comes to offering ever increasing value to customers in this important area. We’re on a steady path of growing our capabilities to meet the increasing need for quality products in the burgeoning, worldwide personal care arena. Most importantly, we want to assure our customers that during the period of transition, there will be no interruption in getting the ISI ingredients they have depended on before the acquisition.”

For more information on Charkit Chemical Corporation, please contact Shawn McManus in Sales and Marketing at 203-299-3227 or sales@charkit.com.

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