November 3, 2017

Benefits Of Using Synthetic Aroma Chemicals

Synthetic aroma chemicals are an essential ingredient for manufacturers in food and beverage, cosmetics, and personal care. Oftentimes, they can have uses and advantages that cannot be replicated by natural products or ingredients.

Synthetic Aroma Chemicals For Food And Beverage Manufacturers

Natural products are a great option for food and beverage manufacturers looking to add flavoring to their products, but they have their share of limitations. One limitation is that the scent of natural foods is often difficult to replicate, which is where synthetic aroma chemicals can replicate the scent of natural foods for candies, snacks, and carbonated sodas. Here at Charkit, we have an extensive range of synthetic aroma chemicals that can add the scent of natural foods to any food or beverage you’re manufacturing.

No matter what scent you’re looking to reproduce whether it be grape, strawberry, raspberry, lime, lemon, orange, we can help you acquire the aroma chemicals you need.

Synthetic Aroma Chemicals For Personal Care And Cosmetics Manufacturers

Natural ingredients are a useful source for creating fragrances but they are not always ideal due to their inability to blend well with other fragrances. In this instance, synthetic aroma chemicals are vital for fragrance manufacturers to reproduce a strong natural scent without it compromising other chemicals within the fragrance so a quality fragrance can be manufactured.

Charkit has an extensive supply network and is able to source a full range of specialty ingredients and aroma chemicals to produce an eclectic mix of flavors. Additionally, via our supply network with China and India, we’re able to source any flavor or fragrance product that is of interest to our customers.

Synthetic Aroma Chemicals For Cosmetics Manufacturers

Customers demand that their cosmetics contain natural scents but given the risk of allergies and skin sensitivities for many customers, it’s not always feasible to produce cosmetics that are full of natural ingredients. With synthetic aroma chemicals from Charkit and our extensive supply network, we can distribute aroma chemicals to cosmetics manufacturers for soaps, body lotions, shampoos, hair conditioners, and more that consider the skin sensitivities of customers and contribute to the production of a high-quality cosmetics product.

With our global supply network, we’re in a unique position to provide high impact chemicals for exceptional savory, sweet, and citrus scents for a variety of cosmetics. And given our unique standing with Tennants Fine Chemicals, we’re able to supply hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, benzyl acetate, and other key aroma chemicals in large wholesale quantities.


Synthetic aroma chemicals make up a key ingredient for manufacturers across food and beverages, cosmetics, and personal care industries. Therefore, it’s essential manufacturers have a supplier they can rely on to consistently supply them with high-impact chemicals to meet the demands of their market and match their competitors.

With global relationships with specialty manufacturers, access to emerging markets, and key supplier relationships, few distributors can match Charkit. Get in touch with us to find out more or call on 203-299-3220.

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