November 2, 2017

3 Factors That Determine a Quality Essential Oil Distributor

Being able to source from a quality essential oils distributor is vital because no one wants to create a poor end product.  There are a few key factors to be aware of when choosing your essential oils distributor, which we have outlined below.


There are numerous factors that affect quality:

How plants are grown and cultivated
Whether or not the plants were sprayed with pesticides, the climate, rainfall, chemicals used, and more.

How oils are produced and extracted 
There are many different ways to extract essential oils from pressing, solvent extraction, distillation, and carbon dioxide extraction, and other methods. These all affect the quality of the end product in various ways in terms of its purity.

How the oils are packaged and handled 
Are the oils packaged and handled in appropriate conditions that ensure the quality of the product? Things like exposure to too much heat, light, or oxygen can all affect quality so packaging and handling is an important consideration.

How they’re stored after production
Essential oils need to be stored in a cool place in airtight containers to ensure long-lasting quality.


Cost can be a good way to spot the quality of the oils. If the price you’re being quoted for seems too low then it’s probably because it is and the product is of poor-quality.

Essential oils are not a cheap product so always be wary of the essential oils distributor quoting you a price too good to be true.

Don’t be caught out by the supplier offering you a wholesale product at a low price. Purchasing the best quality essential oils is in your best interests if you’re to manufacture a high-quality product.


It’s essential your oils have some level of purity because this naturally affects the products you produce and this ultimately affects the benefits that your product can provide to your customers. Some essential oils distributors will offer you essential oils at a below market price but with a catch - that the purity is very poor.

Purity is determined by various factors like the season, where the plants were grown, and how the oils were extracted. Be wary of the distributors that offer you adulterated oils because these are the most impure and will affect the end product, therefore you end up offering your customers an inferior product.

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