Benefits Of Using Synthetic Aroma Chemicals

Synthetic aroma chemicals are an essential ingredient for manufacturers in food and beverage, cosmetics, and personal care. Oftentimes, they can have uses and advantages that cannot be replicated by natural products or ingredients.


3 Factors That Determine a Quality Essential Oil Distributor

Being able to source from a quality essential oils distributor is vital because no one wants to create a poor end product.  There are a few key factors to be aware of when choosing your essential oils distributor, which we have outlined below.


Consider Using Lanolin As An Ingredient

Lanolin is a type of wax secreted by wool-bearing animals like sheep that is used across many different industries and for various applications. Many manufacturers use lanolin as a key ingredient for manufacturing many of their products.


Understanding RBD Coconut Oil and Its Applications

RBD coconut oil is a type of coconut oil that is ‘refined, bleached, and deodorized.’ This is one of the most common types of coconut oil with various applications from cooking, beauty uses, and more.


What is Aluminum Nitrate? An Overview of this Multi-Purpose Chemical

Aluminum nitrate is a salt composed of aluminum and nitric acid, belonging to a group of reactive chemicals - organic nitrate and nitrite compounds. The nitrate ion is polyatomic, meaning it is composed of two or more ions that are covalently bonded. This ion makes up the conjugate base of nitric acid.

Could Apples Treated with Fungicides be Healthier than Organic Ones?

Apples are privy to a number of types of diseases, so they are treated with an array of fungicides and bactericides (in addition to insecticides). Organic or naturally produced apples are the rage right now as part of a $40 billion a year spending spree on “all natural” foods in the US as of 2015. What can be wrong with a desire to eat healthful produce?

almond-oil - 56726305_l.jpg

What is Sweet Almond Oil NF 24?

Specialty oils, extracts and derivatives, which are key components in developing effective bath and body concoctions, are among the high quality chemical products that Charkit provides. One product which does just this is sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil is obtained from the fruits of the almond tree (prunus amygdalus).


From Paint Stripping To Preservatives: The Many Uses Of Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl alcohol is an organic compound that might not have much recognition outside of the world of chemistry and manufacturing, but this alcohol is used in an incredible array of products with surprisingly varied purposes.


Handy But Hazardous: The Varied Applications Of Benzyl Chloride

rAs a reactive organochlorine compound, benzyl chloride is frequently used as a chemical intermediate in the manufacturing of many other chemicals with far reaching applications in industrial and pharmaceutical production.

Benzyl chloride is highly reactive, and its ability to readily interact with many other organic chemicals results in thousands of tons being produced each year to use in chemical manufacturing processes. This colorless liquid gives off an odor that’s described as very pungent and can have hazardous effects if not handled with extreme caution.


The Search For a Hydrazine Hydrate Supplier

Hydrazine hydrate is an inorganic compound and a monohydrate that’s formed when water is introduced to hydrazine. This clear, colorless liquid gives off a slight odor similar to ammonia.